2018 - 2019

Name Unit
Alina Ali Student Government
Anthony Palmere Unitrans
Alexander Park Creative Media
Bryan Sykes California Aggie
Bryan Moises Salazar STS/Tipsy Taxi
Christopher Ortiz Refrigerator Service
Destiny Padilla Office of the External Affairs Vice President "OEAVP"
Elizabeth O'Neill Entertainment Council
Grace Gaither Picnic Day
Jason Hsu HAUS
Ian Skebba Creative Media
Jonathan Yip Creative Media
Jeffrey Flynn Unitrans
John Joseph Bike Barn
Kathleen Wilton Refrigerator Service
Kathleen Wilton Admin General
Stacey Wong Experimental College
Meital Machulsky Controller
Mitchell Rotter-Sieren KDVS
Michael Gofman Executive Office
Monica Dwight Whole Earth Festival
Nicole Garcia Aggie Reuse
Nicole Kurian Campus Center for the Environment
Nicholas Campbell Experimental Community Gardens
Olivia Gray Campus Center for the Environment
Paula Nichols Admin General
Darin Schluep CoHo South Cafe
Darin Schluep CoHo BioBrew
Darin Schluep Coffee House
Rosa Maria Martinez Pantry
Robert Yang STS/Tipsy Taxi
Sophie Maquiling Creative Media
Timothea Wang Creative Media
Vanessa Leedy Bike Barn