The ASUCD Budget

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ASUCD has a $11.8 million annual operating budget, running over 30 units and other services. ASUCD employs more students than any other department at UC Davis, providing many opportunities of employment for students in addition to services for every individual on campus. The budget is drafted by the Executive office, largely by the ASUCD Controller. The budget is sent to the Senate for approval towards the end of every academic year.

Many units operate on a break-even basis - especially the business units - though a majority of the programmatic units receive a subsidy from the student government.

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You can see the breakdown of ASUCD subsidies and how each unit spends its money. To get started, click a year or a unit on the left!

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Prepare your budget electronically. First, login with your CAS username and Kerberos password. Then, please contact Creative Media and ask for access.


Budget hearings are in May!

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If you would like to view older records, contact or come into the SGAO office, located on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union. Hard copy records can be provided.

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ASUCD's Mission

The Associated Students, University of California, Davis is hereby constituted to represent its membership in the University of California and in the greater community and to increase the role and impact of its members on those decisions affecting their lives.

The Association is also constituted to create and provide services and activities which its membership shall consider important to fulfilling the experience of being a student attending the University of California, Davis.